Thursday, 20 March 2008

REVIEW: Testament - The New Order (1988)

Firstly, a general note about this blog: it's become screamingly apparent that I don't have time to write reviews with the amount of detail which I've been funneling in. So, in order to keep the frequency of blog-postings up, I'm going to stick to short, no-frills reviews. Hooray! Thrasherama lives on.

For some reason, when The New Order came out, it didn't immediately grab me. Perhaps I was thrown by the band's newly-adopted 'moshable groove' approach, in contrast with the head-down tactics employed by their debut The Legacy. On reflection, though, The New Order may be my favourite Testament album. Its very simplicity is its strength: the tracks are often quite similar in their approach, but they're all great, with some brilliantly bouncy riffage. Disciples Of The Watch, in particular, remains a mid-tempo thrash classic. It all went just a little off-rails with the following Practice What You Preach and a couple of albums past that, but right here, right now, Testament were scorching.


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